The legend of Matilda's Blackbird


The Grand Countess Matilde di Canossa, a rich feudal lord crowned vicereine of Italy by the emperor Henry V, who lived between 1046 and 1115, owned a pet blackbird which she was very fond of.

While she was staying at the Parlascio fortress in Casciana Terme, his blackbird fell ill. The great countess Matilde, in order not to be forced to witness the slow decay of her beloved blackbird, decided to free him.

Incredibly, the blackbird returned: it was miraculously healed, his feathers were beautiful and he seemed to be healthier than ever. Matilde decides to follow him to find out what made it improve so much in a short time.

It turned out that the bird used to reach a mysterious steaming water in which it soaked its paws. The Grand Countess also wanted to try to immerse herself in those waters and, she was able to reap enormous benefits as well.

The Grand Countess Matilde di Canossa had some pools built to take advantage of those magical warm and beneficial waters, giving life to what would have been the thermal plants, from which the waters of Casciana Terme gush out at 37 ° C.


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