The ghost of Lari

fantasma del castello di lari

On 16 December 1922, in the prison of the Castello dei Vicari di Lari, a 41-year-old farm worker, named Giovanni Princi , better known as the “ Rosso della Paola ”, died.

Rosso, for having outraged a hierarch of the fascist regime, was imprisoned on December 15: what happened in the night between December 15 and 16 no one will ever know. What the story tells, however, is that on December 16, Rosso’s body was brought back to his home, after hanging himself from the grating of cell number 5.

In 1962, the prison was closed, but the former guardian Annibale Baldassarri and his family continued to live in the structure. According to what the Baldassarri family reported, every year, on the night of 15 December, the restlessness of Rosso’s soul made itself felt in the castle: wind, slamming doors and noises of chains, transformed every night of 15 December into a moment of pure terror.

There are many testimonies of those who would have felt the presence of the ghost of Lari. Mr. R.B, who lived in the castle until 1990, says that one night, on his way home, he saw a black cat. Then he heard an eerie hiss and saw a shadow fade into the darkness. A municipal employee, present in the castle to carry out cleaning, says she saw the figure of a man wrapped in a strange fog, near the courtroom.

Finally, the testimony of S. N, medium able to speak with the ghosts, said they had the opportunity to get in touch with Rosso. They would have explained that, in the night between 15 and 16 December, he was taken to prison, interrogated and beaten to death. For this reason, his restless soul makes itself felt on the night between 15 and 16 December, near the prisons of the castle.

castello notte

Visit the Lari Castle and experience the legend of the ghost.