The flavors and excellence of Casciana Terme Lari

The food and wine excellences of our territory, all to be discovered and savored.

The Cherry of Lari


The production of cherries in the Pisan hills, and in the territory of the Municipality of Lari in particular, boasts a centuries-old tradition, also demonstrated by the presence of numerous native varieties recently cataloged by a study of the CNR in collaboration with ARSIA.

The existence of unique cherry varieties, together with the peculiarity of the soils and climate of the area, are the basis of the specificity of the cherries of Lari, to which contributed the knowledge and experience of the numerous agricultural producers who have been able to safeguard and pass on the skills and techniques of cultivation, conditioning and packaging.


For more information:

Committee for the protection and enhancement of the Lari Cherry

Tel. 3289455222

Pasta Martelli


Pasta Martelli is an artisanal product (“Spaghetti”, “Penne classiche”, “Spaghettini” and “Maccheroni di Toscana”) obtained by slowly mixing the best durum wheat semolina with cold water, by means of bronze drawing, which makes it rough and then dried at a “traditional low temperature” (33-36 ° C.) for about 50 hours (depending on atmospheric conditions).

The result is a tasty pasta with good porosity that allows it to absorb the sauce well.

Only family members work in the pasta factory, combining long-standing professionalism with the passion of continuing to produce pasta in compliance with the Italian artisan tradition.


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Via dei Pastifici 3, 56035 Lari

Tel. 0587 684238

Butcher's Ceccotti


The Butcher’s Ceccotti continues the tradition of black pudding, the one made without pork. The classic version, in fact, involves stuffing raw blood and dressing it with pork lard cut into cubes (the fat cubes can be sautéed in Vin Santo or white wine), lardons, salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, pine nuts and raisin. Once half full, the casing is tied a little “loose” (hence the name: badly tied) – otherwise it would burst during cooking.

It then ends up in the pot to boil until the core temperature of the sausage reaches about 90 ° C and the black pudding reaches the right consistency.

It is an anti-modern sausage par excellence, at the sight it is dark, almost black, and the taste is very unique: aromatic because of the spices and sweet because of the blood.

Today we eat as a whim: better if cold, cut into rather thick slices, even two centimeters, floured and fried in a pan, accompanied by legumes or some bitter grass that contrasts the sweetness of blood and raisins. Cut into thinner slices it is excellent with a beaten egg on top.


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Via Armando Diaz, 6 Lari Pisa 56035 Italy

Tel. 0587 684231

Balestri Butcher


Before us, generations of “ancient butchers” have passed on the “secrets” of meat processing. We have taken up the baton of this experience. The safeguarding of the traditional product and the keeping of the “secrets” in the processing of the meat are the fundamental characteristics of the Balestri Butcher. Attention to local breeds of animals has always been the basis for obtaining quality meats and typical cured meats with a unique and harmonious taste.

Since before 1956, many generations of the Baroni family have alternated in the management of this historic butcher’s shop. Since 1956 it has been managed by Ezio who has continued the tradition of this family of “ancient butchers”. Always attentive to the quality of the meat, he bought calves only from local and trusted breeders, personally choosing the animals to be slaughtered. This tradition has continued since 1 July 1989 with Davide Balestri and his wife Federica.

The shop is located in the historic center of the splendid Tuscan village of Lari, in front of the ancient bridge that leads to the central core of the town and to the entrance to the Medici Castle.


For more information:

Via Trento e Trieste 6, 56035 LARI (Pisa)

Tel. 0587684208

Le Macchie by Paolo Parisi


In 1981 Paolo Parisi fell in love with a farmhouse hidden in the Tuscan hills. Here he begins to live in symbiosis with nature, abandoning himself to the rhythm of the seasons and focusing on the study and experimentation of raw materials.

Le Macchie, which takes its name from the holm oak woods that draw its borders, over the years has become a home, a farmhouse, a workshop: a stop for chefs and gourmets, a special place, an experience of total immersion in nature, almost out of time.

Thus pigs, cows, sheep and goats live happily, walking and feeding themselves in the length and breadth of the 140 hilly hectares of the estate. In herd, flock or herd, the animals warm up in the sun, breathing fresh air respecting the natural life cycles of each of them.

We raise hens with white eggs, the Livornesi, because they love the outdoors and maintain the primordial character that other breeds have lost. Every day, in addition to the natural mixture of ground grains, they drink the milk of our goats raised in the woods, thus integrating the animal protein useful to keep the authentic flavor of the eggs. Paolo Parisi’s egg is born from this lifestyle: a unique product, with a very clean taste, elastic and with a capacity to incorporate air superior to other eggs.


For more information:

Via delle Macchie 1/2, 56035 Usigliano

Tel .: +39 0587 685327

Filippo: +39 348 860 2929

Paolo: + 39 348 380 4656

Meini Liquoreria


The Festa liqueur based on cherries is the product that embodies the typicality of the town of Lari in the province of Pisa, where the cherry is the primary agricultural product.

On the beautiful hills of the Arno valley the particularly mild climate has meant that this delicious fruit grows very well in different varieties.

The Festa di Ciliegie liquor is produced using only cherry juice and distillate, according to an ancient and original recipe without the addition of dyes. With its pleasant flavor, it can be served straight or as an ingredient for cocktails, extremely pleasant even when served very cold from the freezer.

For its originality, it has been presented in various broadcasts of Italian public television and also in Japan

The liquor factory ‘LIQUORERIA MEINI’ was founded in 1874 and it was managed by Ugo, great-grandson of the founder and currently by his wife Elena Becucci.

The Liquoreria Meini, renowned throughout the province of Pisa, is located in Lari, a town immersed in the Pisan countryside known since the Renaissance for its fruits. The Liquoreria Meini shop specializes in the production of liqueurs and in the sale of wines, sparkling wines, champagne, rum and confectionery products. During the holidays, the liquor store creates customized baskets.

Liquoreria Meini is an artisan company founded in 1874, which has always been characterized by the genuineness of herbal liqueurs, spirits and alcoholic beverages of its own production.


For more information:

Via Belvedere 31, 56035 LARI

Tel. 0587 685122

Cell. 348 3338221

Bernardeschi: the baker of Lari


Our oven has a long tradition: our family has been producing bread and cakes since 1927. The qualities that have always distinguished us are the choice of raw materials and the passion for our work.

In addition to the bread-making activity with short-chain flours and above all locally produced, we produce traditional biscuits and sweets such as panettone and colomba cakes for the holidays.

As for the colomba cakes, we got the 3rd place as the best 2019 colomba cake from the FIPGC (Italian Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate) and in 2021 the 3rd place as the best panettone in the world.


For more information:

Via IV Novembre 6, 56035 LARI (Pisa)

Tel. 0587684208

Fax. 0587684209

Giuliano winery


Our winery is located in the small town of Casciana Alta, in the heart of Tuscany, in a building intended for winemaking for the last 250 years. We have renovated the building and installed the best equipment. Ours is one of the three 100% kosher wineries in Europe, and certainly the only one owned by an observant Jew. In Europe winemaking, like gastronomy, is characterized by a strong sense of tradition but Jews hardly ever take part in the production process and too often are only involved in the marketing of the product.


Nowadays there are more and more young people who want to produce and taste an authentic and artisanal gastronomy, food produced respecting the environment and local traditions. This is exactly the reason why we have opened our cellar, to produce the best kosher wine in Tuscany, in the most genuine way.


Lara’s grandfather, Giuliano, was a farmer as was her father like his grandfather and probably his great-grandfather before them. Giuliano produced wine, olive oil, fruit (peaches, apricots, plums, cherries) and cereals. After his tragic and sudden death, his sons tried to keep the land and continue the production despite their work, but they ended up selling most of the land and equipment because of their lack of time to manage everything. When Eli began studying oenology and finally decided to open the cellar, it seemed logical to him to try to make the most of his grandfather’s legacy. The winery was then renamed Giuliano, and the production is resumed in the name of local tradition, although revisited in a kosher key in order to give access to authentic Tuscan wine even to observant Jews.


For more information:

Via Croce 3, 56035 CASCIANA ALTA

Cell. 3803764528

Anima Mundi


Among the rows of vineyards of Podere Anima Mundi you will find the passion for good wine and for the natural balance between the earth and the glass.

We have decided to invest to recover the ancient varieties of Tuscan vineyards: a complete recovery of the characteristics of the terroir, of the production techniques and the choice of the best plots. Why this decision?


To redevelop the entire geographical area now considered only as an expression of peasant wine and to produce prestigious labels in the recovery of tradition and respect for nature.

The link with the territory and nature is really close: three of the most important indigenous vines have been recovered such as pugnitello, foglia tonda and colorino which not only represent Tuscan history, but also allow the production of wines with a truly unique flavor.

We work exclusively with biodynamic products following the rhythm of nature and the seasons and in this way we have the opportunity to express the best of the terroir in the wines while preserving the biodiversity of each vineyard.

We are convinced that each vineyard has a particular character, from the earth to the climatic conditions and our wines represent the purest expression of this.


The vineyards occupy 4 of the 17 hectares of our farm and for each vineyard we have chosen the best plot of land respecting the biodiversity of the plant and its needs.

All production comes from dynamic organic agriculture as a way of working, observing and experiencing the land.

In our vineyards we follow the rhythm of nature and the seasons and fertilize the soil with green manure and manure without adding chemical fertilizers.


For more information:

Via della Montanina 22, 56035 USIGLIANO

Cell 3452776227

The Aging Grotto of the Busti Dairy

grotta busti

The natural ripening of cheeses follows the most ancient tradition: the cheeses ripen slowly, with constant temperatures and humidity, thanks to the natural characteristics of the Aging Grotto of the Busti Dairy in Lari .

The specific characteristics of the aging grotto give the most prestigious cheeses produced by the Busti dairy, such as the Tre Latti Lari with Vegetable Rennet , the right ripeness and the unmistakable scent of this territory excellence.


For more information:

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 13 A / B

56043 Acciaiolo di Fauglia (PI)

Tel: +39 050 650565